British Academy Newton International Advanced Fellowship 2016-2019

A collaboration between Cardiff University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Project Title:

Improving Social Welfare System in China: Urbanization, Community Development and Social Participation

Principal Investigators:

Dr Lin Xiao, Institute of Sociology, Department of Organization and Community Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Professor Sin Yi Cheung, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

Project team members:

Cardiff team:

Professor Susan Baker, Professor Paul Chaney, Dr Rod Hick, Dr Marco Pomati, Professor Ralph Fevre.

CASS team:

Dr Chen Liang, Dr Yiran Liu, Dr Yuntong Shi, Dr Jinglin Xiang, Dr Jia Yu


During rapid urbanization and marketization, China experiences an unbalanced economic and social development both between and within cities. To promote social justice and sustainable development, the establishment and improvement of social welfare system is crucial. However, the demographic transitions and social changes during the reform era poses a great challenge to Chinese’s present welfare system.  Situating on the unbalanced development of Chinese welfare system, this collaborative research project aims to explore the mechanism of the dilemma of China’s current welfare development, and proposes practical and realistic policy recommendations for future development.